The MSU Sailing Center, which opened in 1997, is part of MSU’s Department of Intramural Sports and Recreative Services. The facility consists of a 1/4 acre property located in Meridian Township on the southwest shore of Lake Lansing with two small temporary wooden garage buildings. The garages were donated by Jack Breslin in the mid 1970′s. The site is approximately seven miles from the MSU campus. The center provides many educational and recreational opportunities in sailing and boating for students, faculty, staff and the general public. The Sailing Center also provides employment opportunities for MSU students, with and without experience, where they are actively engaged in daily operational and programmatic aspects. The Sailing Center has taught more than 1,500 people how to sail to date through the “learn to sail” classes, about half of which have been MSU students.

MSU students also can take the class as a one credit basic instructional activity course through collaboration between Intramural Sports and the Department of Kinesiology. The Sailing Center has a wide variety of sailboats, approximately thirty-five, ranging from family day-sailboats to high performance racing sailboats. Student staff learn to repair, refurbish and maintain the boats throughout the entire year. Many of the center’s sailboats were donated.
The Sailing Center offers “learn to sail” classes for adults and youth. The center also offers a variety of affordable memberships that include use of the center’s sailboats. The center offers group events, private lessons, youth programs, special events, scouting programs, 4-H exploration days, local outreach programs, “learn to kayak” class and “discover sailing” opportunities. Through collaboration with IM Sports and the MSU canoe livery, the center offers hourly canoe rental on Lake Lansing. The center also supports the MSU Sailing Club, which is a registered student organization and an Intramural Sports Club, by providing resources and opportunities for employment, instruction, practice and competition regattas.

The Sailing Center continues to expand youth outreach by offering opportunities and programs for scouting, 4-H, boating education and community recreation. In order to continue to provide and grow the outreach and other programs, the center needs funding to support facility renovations, equipment acquisition, maintenance and upgrades, as well as property to expand the center physically and programmatically. The Sailing Center would also like to position itself to support collaborative experiential learning opportunities for youth as well as offer educational and recreational programming for persons with disabilities.


Make a gift to support the MSU Sailing Center

Please contact the Student Services Advancement Office at (517) 355-7535 or make your gift online today. The Sailing Center also accepts in-kind gifts; learn more about how to make an in-kind gift to MSU.

The Learn To Sail Scholarship

The Sailing Center provides scholarship support for sailing and boating education as well as recreation for students, faculty, staff and the general public. Annually approximately 140 participants complete our “learn to sail” program. Make a gift online to support the Learn To Sail Program.